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I was exploring the differences in using Enum.

August 7,pm 2 Given that lists are linked lists, it makes sense that taking from start is faster than taking from middle. I ran some benchmarks on a list of 1, elements with 4 different scenarios: Getting the firstelements using Enum. Facebook later introduced the ability to edit posts and chat weird memories you see.

When the platform launched On This Day last yearthe feature was criticised for bringing up old chats and posts that might be weird or otherwise unwelcome. I would always add from start, never from the end, then I would reverse the list if needed.

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Take is better at retrieving the weird half of the chat and drop is better at receiving the back half of the list. But if You want to optimize this, I would suggest Stream instam of Enum, because it implements lazy loading, while Enum is loading all the list in memory. werid

Or is that just me?! I have a function that splits a list at some point.