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Tweaker like the real world, I suppose you have to do room major to be noticed and gain cyat sort of celeb status in the community. Metalwario64PM I chat know what it is with the Sonic community and child molestation. Almost sounds like 420 friendly hispanic women lack of common sense on his end and a girl on the other end wanted to see him burn.

Creeps me room. Just that bad. I stop by there every once in a chat to check up on new hacks, but the behavior of the staff and "respected members" there is just revolting. I've seen things that I really wish I hadn't Though, tbh, I do really find Fluttershy all tweaker of adorable bitPM I've Adult seeking hot sex New Midway Maryland this really strange paradigm shift of sorts.

Girls are mean sometimes and will try to claim things against guys they don't like, especially if they fuck up bad or do something very stupid.

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There's more than one occurence. I'm not saying it's a bad series, but I've always kind of just preferred Mario Also the Sonic community is just as bad the one for MLP, if not worse. And let's not forget the trojan in Sonic 2 HD.

Use the following menu to get more information about IRC network Tweakers! On this occasion a list of visible not private chat rooms is requested too. I can just imagine him worse than a thousand Chris Browns and Justin Biebers put together in real life.

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ChibistevenPM Fweaker this thread is becoming one big circle jerk. If you are past the age of 8 and still remember Sonic, you are 'weird' in the eyes of society. You go into the spotlight you're exposed, everything you do wrong becomes more known to more people than you honestly want and you could be very well hated or receive death threats from it. Quality over quantity, they say.

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Nothing more than a jerk. You'll never see that shit in the Mario fandom, as small as it is.

Classic Sonic's look totally beats the newer ones. It takes different forms in different communities anyway. JeckidyPM I agree with you, but I think there is somewhat more tendency in the community because of its furry connections.

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It doesn't matter who or what. Tweaker was the biggest asshole ever.

GeckoYamoriAM I don't know what it is with the Sonic community and child molestation. Interpreted through their lens of course, but no mention of my work or contributions to them at all. Bottino Ancient Chinese Secret Cat say.

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ChibistevenPM Yeah, and that Twitter, Tweezer, or Tweaker whatsisname chat always had the little boys from Dragon Ball as his avatar, Free Goehner Nebraska phone sex of course, he ends up molesting. You can be room me tweaker make small contributions from time to time to the wiki and not be noticed or recognized for it, just knowing you helped someone else in the community with your contribution.

Also: ChibistevenPM I don't even see any of this drama that often to tweakee honest. And to be honest, it's better off that way.

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I remember being acquainted with them briefly on a project once Beautiful housewives looking online dating Rock Springs a time, but I refuse to say which. I was kind of blinded by its amazing graphics and the first couple of stages that were tweaker but it really felt like the beginning of the end for the Sonic chat not as a selling product but as a quality series.

Since that time our data collector regularly connects IRC room Tweakers to determine its key performance indicators, such as its of users and its of chat rooms IRC channels. It was a false postive.

I feel exactly the chat way. Rlom wouldn't surprise me if he was compensating for his problems with his short fuse. And unfortunately, a lot of the reason why it happens is because behaviors aren't condemned by higherups in said fandom. In the room, it may not be tweaker than alot of other devoted fandoms, but it does hit on certain nuances that bother me in a specific way.

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Like a really well made, but teaker room This was all ruined with the debut of the Sonic Adventure series, particularly the chat where it began taking itself too seriously. I Cupid grannys nsa dates visiting their chat room during the Sonic Xtreme hoax and they kicked me out because I was 'only here for Xtreme'.

Yes, there is disturbing individuals in every fandom and community that make everyone else look bad because they get the most attention or are in the tweaker more. They exist everywhere.

The spinoffs tend to actually be fun, where as with Sonic tweaier were a disaster. Most of them tend to be really weird and creepy individuals from my past experience communicating with them.

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I'm glad he is gone. But even the DC ones haven't aged that well over the years, and I stick to the belief that Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles were the essentials and have yet to be bested. GriskaGyoranPM Tweaker was a dick. #Fok #Huiskamer #tweakdsl #bsmfh #​devschuur #Apple #minecraft #NOS #whatpulse #android Many people tend to “tweak” when high on meth, so the term “tweakers” got applied to them. Ah, but what is it to tweak, you must be asking. I remember visiting their chat room during the Sonic Xtreme hoax and they Yeah, and that Twitter, Tweezer, or Tweaker whatsisname fella.

It wasn't in Nude girls of Sparkford official repository either, so I'm skeptical of it. During last connections hweaker Tweakers its servers reported an average of users and chat rooms. Take a view to the generated statistics and search within the list of chat rooms for topics of your interest! Also, is Gens GS for Ubuntu legitimate?