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Manhattan teen chat rooms

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For me, the 'Net is not a lifestyle.

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Interviews with scores of teen-agers showed that AOL's Instant Messenger is indeed popular tooms that age group. Replies by boys, meanwhile, grew modestly from 7 to 8 percent.

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Next come music sites, along with Hartford Connecticut fuck buddy where girls teeb chat or leave messages. But if girls just wanna be wired, what for? In May, 45 percent of America Online's domestic on-line users between the ages of 6 and 17 were female, up from 40 percent just six months earlier.

I'm not on there saying I'm 16 years old, 5'2'' tall, and looking for someone who looks like Tom Cruise. Hundreds of Web chat rooms oriented toward teen-agers require little more than a screen name and a password to up. Mulnix has concerns about how worthwhile talking online to friends for hours on end can possibly be.

Herring who said she was not even allowed to call boys on the phone manuattan she was growing upsaid computer chats, especially those in chat rooms with many participants, were simply another tool for social interaction. At home, she's more likely to drop into one of America Online's seemingly endless teen chat rooms to see what's going down.

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Carey Toran seems relieved that summer camp has now come between Alia and her on line travels. But the girls came in and said they wanted a book section and to be able to read eooms.

Mulnix said. The image of cyberspace as being largely populated by boy nerds - All those thick glasses! And if the person you're talking to leaves, there's always someone else out there.

When you're on line, that issue is taken away. Many of the places to which you'll be directed won't be what you had in mind at all, nor will the language describing them.

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That's our job as parents. How high? But if you talk to them about communication with computers, about sharing information and finding out about things they're interested in, then they're interested. High-school chats via keyboard, not voice, may be more heartfelt.

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Manhatta not looking at each other, so it's easier to say things you wouldn't otherwise bring up. It's a tool. All that pasty skin!

OK, so it may bring you news of Alanis Morissette, a keypal in West Local 32837 draft anal sex, and the latest riff chatt computer security. At Prodigy, messages on Girl Talk, a bulletin board where girls can post musings on all manner of subjects, are up 30 percent over a year ago. Sifting data from the major on-line services also reveals that girls have become bigger players.

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But many parents can testify that all of a house's telephone lines can be monopolized for hours at a time by teen-agers chatting on computers and telephones. What urgent missives are imparted via instant messages that can't wait until the next school teenn

Jacob Scott, 16, from Reading, Mass. If she's in school, she's likely to use the Internet's World Wide Web to check out the news, find sites that deal with her favorite authors, or look up colleges she's considering attending.

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But Toran also worries that she manhxttan discourage her 73505 amature womens males wanted from acquiring computer skills she'll need down the road. Your Buddy List includes the online names of the people you want to exchange instant messages with; you are notified each time a person on your list goes online, and those on your list are told when you go online. But Nancy Rhine, for one, isn't particularly worried.

When year-old Amanda Hurst lifts off roomz line, what she's seeking usually depends on the location of her launchpad. Since the school year started, she has tried to keep Sara from going online until she has finished her homework.

Yakety-yak, clackety-clack: on net, teen-agers talk

At that point, million instant messages were being sent by AOL members each day. I'm on the 'Net for a purpose.

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And, like the telephone, the computer offers a certain amount of soothing anonymity. In a group called alt. America Online I am not an on-line kiddie.

Mulnix was with hers growing up, partly because of the freedom that online conversation allows. Its theme? Last year, he said, he and his track teammates engaged in "electronic warfare" when Reading High School lost the finals for the first time in 27 years to nearby Woburn.

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Today she's director of women's programming at America Online, and its magazine subsidiary, Global Network Navigator. She was thrilled, but her mother wasn't.

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The year-old had watched her father send and receive enough digital sacks of janhattan to be thoroughly underwhelmed. AOL does not track the way teen-agers use the service.

It got to be an all-out war. We can't protect our daughters by prohibiting them from being on the Internet. Before the advent of the Buddy List, you had to type in someone's name to find out if that person was online.

We'll all be at a party and when we leave, we say, 'Bye, see you guys on AOL. AOL began offering instant messages as soon as it ed up its first members, in Mulnix said, "because unlike the phone, I can't hear her talking.